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Dubai (UAE)
1. International Passports 
2. Recent passport photograph (clear face with good background; white)
3. Application fee & Service Charge
4. Medical insurance 
5. Vaccinations certificate 
SCHENGEN (…coming soon)  
UK (…coming soon)  
CANADA (…coming soon) 
Dubai Tourist visa fees
90days single entry – $250
30days single entry – $200
Service charge – $85 (insurance included).

Take advantage of this self-generated invoice page available to our registered clients for flexible travel booking? 

September to December, due to the massive turnout of employment resulting from people migration and lower weather conditions. 

Yes, your certificate is legally acceptable as long as you did attestation before leaving your home country; however there are some guidelines requirements. 

Documents attestation are carried out by your country’s ministry of education and foreign affairs, candidate from Nigeria can visit the following portal for attestations.  
Education certificate are evaluated and attested by the country ministry of education while Birth or marriage certificates and others can be attested through the ministry of foreign affairs.

Yes, we can help you sort the best apartments in your traveling destination according to your budget at additional fees.

At the immigration consular descrition Visas were approved, but we can assure you that within 72hrs your Dubai visa will be ready.

Each stage requires a minimum fee, without the minimum fee; we cannot proceed with the next stage.